Enterprise level Managed Services

Desktop virtualisation solutions

The modern workforce is highly mobile and demands secure, remote access to desktops, applications and data. Any business that operates across a large geographical region, is expanding rapidly or simply trying to attract and retain key staff knows that a flexible working environment is critical to it’s success. As this shift from static, in-office working is replaced by modern, flexible work environments, mobility becomes more and more critical.

Our virtual desktop infrastructure removes the need for traditional desktop PCs within the office environment. By centralizing the management, deployment and maintenance of these devices within the data centre, we are able to provide a more stable, secure and manageable operation. The benefits to our clients have been lower capital costs and reduced operating expense due to savings in the size of the technical team required to support IT services on a daily basis.

Our desktop virtualisation solution features:

  • A lower TCO and a higher ROI over traditional desktops
  • Central management and control of desktops
  • Improved desktop availability and reduced data loss
  • Improved security controls
  • Thin clients that are more reliable and simpler to maintain
  • The latest VMware and Citrix technology