Enterprise level Managed Services

Managed Hosting

Dudobi owns, operates and manages Enterprise class hosted infrastructure, designed around a fully redundant VMware platform, with an identical setup running in each of our datacentres.  These are located in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and South Africa. We deliver a stable, reliable hosting environment, designed to maximise uptime and deliver the highest level of service for business critical and  production applications.

With over a decade of hosting and systems management experience, Dudobi has positioned itself as a leader in managed hosted services. We don’t just have experience in securely hosting websites and business applications, but have a wealth of expertise in understanding how to best manage both Linux and Windows platforms to ensure unparalleled uptime, availability and security.

Our managed hosted services include:

  • Windows Servers running 2012 and 2016 operating systems
  • Linux Servers running Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems
  • Choice of location:
    • London Central, UK
    • London West, UK
    • Zurich, CH
    • Cape Town, SA
    • Johannesburg, SA

We also provide the following specialist services:

  • Geographic load balancing
  • High Availability and failover
  • VMware dynamic resource scalability
  • Database replication