IT Consulting

Trusted and Insightful consulting

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants advise on all aspects of the increasingly complex IT landscape and cover topics as diverse as network security to database optimisation. We use our diverse skillsets to help you plan and execute Enterprise IT projects on time and on budget.

Headed by Vito da Silva and Neil Bazley, our team seeks to intelligently analyse your business and IT needs to ensure that any solutions are relevant to the current times and provide a future-proofed solution that is aligned with your business goals.

Dudobi clients are helped to achieve:

  • The right technology choices
  • Efficient resolutions to IT issues
  • Reduced IT costs and management
  • On-time delivery of key infrastructure projects

Our IT consulting covers the following areas:

  • Virtualisation and Cloud
  • Messaging and Collaboration
  • Disaster Recovery and business continuity