About Us

We are a leading IT Consulting and Managed Services firm

Dudobi was founded in 2001 by brothers, Edward and Paul Durrant, who started out providing consulting and development services to agencies and financial service clients within the greater London area. Over the last decade, Dudobi has expanded its service offering to include most areas of IT and now boasts an extensive range of fully managed services to clients across the United Kingdom and in South Africa.

We are a privately-owned and run company that takes pride in the unique relationships we have fostered with our clients, many of whom have been with us for many years. Our unwavering commitment to these clients, ensures that they profit from our guarantee of absolute dependability and service and from the practical, expert advice we give them.

Our consulting division is led by Vito da Silva, who works on enterprise IT infrastructure projects and our managed services division is led by Neil Bazley, who delivers secure and compliant IT infrastructure.

We focus on midsize to enterprise clients in the United Kingdom and South Africa , who are looking for practical advice and input in the delivery of turnkey IT projects. Our managed services division works with clients to deliver IT infrastructure which is cost-effective, reliable and relevant to the current times.